Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Cultural Influences on a Childs Health Research Paper

Cultural Influences on a Childs Health - Research Paper Example No one is more dedicated in contributing to a child’s health and welfare than his own immediate family members. It can be seen that the families of South Eastern countries like China and India take extreme care in bringing up their child healthily and prosperously. But with regard to American children, they depend more on medical experts and health centers for their health and medical needs. The US being a developed and advanced nation have all the latest technology and medical care system, but unfortunately, does not giving proper care and nurturing to the children when they need it the most. Illness and health beliefs: Every country has its own ancient beliefs and customs, when it comes to their child’s health and welfare For example, it is widely known fact that Chinese practice a holistic approach, when it comes to health and well –being of their child. As per Garnecki (2007)â€Å" In Chinese culture during post partum, the mother and baby are supposed to remain home-bound to prevent against death and disease†.On the contrary, an American women give least importance to their child’s health in post and pre –delivery stage. Even many European countries have their own traditional means for protecting the children from malignant diseases and illnesses. However, such things can sound hilarious to an American family, but are followed respectfully by couples in South Asian, Mexican and European countries even today. The aim of symptom management is to treat the child in advance stages of an illness.

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